Supporting Sellers:

Big Picture Goal: Get the highest price possible and find the most qualified buyer — to make sure all things go according to plan and end with a great outcome.

Strategic Pricing: LaTanya will develop a custom Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), coupled with her exclusive trend and community activity report; which helps her go beyond the CMA in order to suggest the most competitive price and develop the most effective sells proposition for the overall home.

Marketing Research: Analyzing the market and understanding current market real estate trends will help navigate the planning, marketing priorities timelines, and the creative communications process that is designed to attract and engage the most qualified buyer.

Campaign Planning and Implementation: Homeowners receive an awesome campaign designed just for their home including a feature home website page with a video review. Three targeted campaign options are designed to support any immediate market shifts and completing homes for sale.

  • The campaign will use a combination of most of the following marketing channels: online marketing, social media, outdoor marketing, direct mail, print newspapers and magazines, online radio, professional blogs, networking, and social media; additional exposure on the following sites: MRLS,,,, Yahoo Real Estate, –to name a few.

Project Management: Our client can track and review every aspect of the selling process on an hourly, daily, or weekly base. Daily task lists, easy to read planning, and to do tasks help the client to break down complex projects into easily manageable units.

Additional Support: RE/MAX METRO Atlanta has a list of experienced resources that can help sellers prepare to put their home on the market and handle projects, clean up, reorganization, auctioning, estate sells, and home staging – and lots more. (Note you are under no obligation to select from the list, and we advise you to use at your own risk.)